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General Information


5 Tips to Get You And Your Family Through Today – COVID-19

While we weather this storm, which has come upon us, I’ve put together some tips which may help.  We are all experiencing difficulties, anxieties, and challenges.  This “normal” will not end tomorrow but it will end.  In the meanwhile, how are you and your family functioning daily…  healthy or not-so healthy? What is important to know, … Read more

Five easy steps to reduce stress when selling your home

Selling your home seems like a pretty simple idea. The steps appear to be straight forward… 1) call a REALTOR® 2) clean the house 3) have people come through your home 4) get an offer 5) put up the sold sign 6) move Stress starts from the moment you don’t see and realize the big … Read more

broken appliances

When you buy a home, do you include the appliances?

Have you ever planned a long needed vacation just to have something more urgent interrupt your plans before you even get a chance to relax? How about the times when just as you “touch wood” for making a casual declaration like “I never have issues with my car. It’s always reliable” just to have something go wrong? Well Karma works in funny ways and house purchases are no exception.

haunted house

How to create a spooky house!

Have you been possessed by a scary spirit?   With Halloween just around the corner, making a haunted house is a perfect way to celebrate or to spook your guests.  To transform your house will take planning, hard work, and creativity.   1. Start by planning a path… either inside your home or outside.  Figure out the scale … Read more

curb appeal

Does Your Home Have Curb Appeal?

Drive Up Your Curb Appeal Is your home’s first impression being hindered by a bland driveway, or an eyesore of a walkway? If so, it might be time to kick start your curb appeal with a few upgrades.  From repairing to repaving, a little attention to your home’s entryway can go a long way when … Read more


A Guide to Roofing Improvement. Repair? Replace? ROI?

Your roof has a tough life.  Just when it’s survived another long, cold Canadian winter, it faces the heat and humidity of the summer months ahead.  That’s why spring is the perfect time to assess the state of your roof, and to decide whether you need to take steps to improve its condition.  Here is … Read more

severe weather

Will the extreme weather affected your home?

Are we tired of all the crazy weather yet?  From snow and ice storms to heavy rain events, we are getting it all this winter.  More headlines like “Flooding remains a problem in Odessa” are in the news. The question is:  How does all this weather stuff affect you when you go to sell your … Read more

Attention all new home buyers!

So Christmas is over and you are getting itchy feet to start looking around at some homes.  Getting tired of your current accommodations and you need a place to call your own. Why not? Interest rates are still low and you’ve plopped some numbers into a handy mortgage calculator online and it appears that you … Read more

Joint Ownership of Property: Pros & Cons

Married spouses commonly hold property jointly with right of survivorship. In certain circumstances, there are several benefits to this ownership structure. For example: Each spouse has the ability to manage the property without written consent of the other. Upon the first death, the surviving spouse automatically owns 100% of the property. Probate tax is payable … Read more

The Trouble With Mold

The last thing you want to hear when buying a house is that there’s a mold problem. These sneaky little spores aren’t easy to detect. Mold is a fungus and although some molds are visible and even odorous, mold can also grow between walls, under floors and ceilings. Or in less accessible spots, such as … Read more

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