What to wear for your family pics this season

Trying to figure out what to wear to a photoshoot? Here are some tips:

  • Neutral, coordinating colours. You don’t want to match, but mix colours that go well together. They should not be exactly the same.
  • Patterns, such as plaid, stipes and florals. Don’t be afraid to layer them with solid colours and denims.
  • Fitted clothes & Sleeves are usually the best option.
  • Closed-toe shoes, such as fashionable boots, dress shoes, or sneakers.
  • Jeans are not a must, but you can definitely wear them. Even torn jeans if that’s your style!
  • Layers instead of bringing a change of clothes. This way you can change up your outfits for variety, quickly and easily!
  • Be careful with accessories. Kids often will remove them or will use them to hide themselves from the camera.
  • Have your littles wear spandex under their dress.

Things to avoid:

  • Unfitted t-shirts.
  • Anything with logos or graphics.
  • Hats.
  • Cargo pants.
  • All white or all black.
  • Velcro sandals, any kind of running shoe or sake shoe. Or Crocs!
  • Hoodies.
  • Short dresses. Will limit ability to pose comfortably. For your littles, their dress will likely ride up. Test out your favourite dress beforehand to see if it is
  • appropriate for the session by sitting on the ground. If you cannot sit
  • comfortably, pick a longer dress or pants instead.

What is most important is not the clothes you are wearing but the memories that will be captured! So, after all the planning, just relax and have fun! Let your kids be kids and trust your photographer!