Quick Tips When Hiring a Mover!

The house is sold and you are ready to move on.  The excitement of the sale has quickly worn off.  The stress is starting to overtake the excitement of what was suppose to be another wonderful chapter of your lives.  Picking the right mover is key to a successful move.  Don’t take this part lightly.  Here are quick tips and resources to make you life a little easier.

By shopping around you can avoid scams and save some money.

  1. Start collecting about 3 or 4 names from friends, relatives, coworkers and get their feedback on their experience.  Maybe they know someone who has recently moved which can provide names.  Don’t collect names of companies from the internet and don’t assume the big-name companies are always safe to use.   Call Canadian Association of Movers for a referral (http://www.mover.net)
  2. Now that you have the names you will want to do some research.  Call or go to the website of the Better Business Bureau (http://ottawa.bbb.org/find-business-reviews/) and Ministry of Consumers (http://www.ontario.ca/consumerBeware) .  This site may give you some additional information.  They also may have a rating and if complaint have been filed against them.
  3. Call 3 or 4 companies and have them come to your home for an in-home estimate.  Request written estimates from each of them.  Do not accept over the phone quotes!
  4. Find out what the movers insurance covers and also what your insurance will cover.
  5. Always read the fine print – the terms and conditions BEFORE you sign
  6. If a deposit is required, only give no more then 10% of the estimate
  7. See “Hiring a Mover” for seven questions to ask a mover!

This is only a partial list.  Please check out the following list for everything you should know when hiring your mover!

Additional Resources:

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