Kingston & Area Stats – July YTD 2020

Kingston & Area Stats – July YTD 2020

Last month I showed that the number of sales over the same period as last year was down by almost 20%. July’s sales were strong and the gap is closing-in with now recording only an 8% drop YTD. Still low based on history in the Kingston & area but it shows that despite COVID, people are still buying homes.

Average SOLD price YTD is slightly up over last month with a +11% change.

Average sold price for Kingston & area is now $435,696 with 45% of buyers this year in the $300 k – $450 k price range.

How much over asking price

We continue to see multiple offers on many properties and there appears to be a slight uptick in more aggressively priced offers over last month. But despite this, almost half of all sales were below or at asking price.

Many buyers have been discouraged but if they work with the right Realtor® that can provide guidance, their success in finding the right home will be greater.