Helpful Tips From Your Neighbourhood Realtor

Helpful Tips From Your Neighbourhood Realtor
Kingston & Area June YTD Stats

Kingston & Area – May YTD Stats

I recently talked with a young lad who is making the leap into home ownership. He has a budget under $300,000 and is willing to travel 30 minutes outside of Kingston. He is a bit reluctant whether he will find anything. And to be honest, I’m nervous for him as well. What use to be a healthy budget for the first time buyer, home ownership is slowly slipping away from many first time home purchasers.

Kingston & Area Sales Comparison 2021 vs 2019 & 2020

Kingston & Area – APR YTD

This month I thought I would start off with some FUN FACTS. Last month I hinted that there seems to be a change in the air. We are definitely seeing less offers and in some cases no offers when it comes to offer presentation day if the Sellers are holding off on reviewing any offers.

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